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Monday, July 02, 2007
  Mitt: Fatcats' Favorite

Why doesn't anybody use the term "fatcat" anymore? Anyway, the fatcats over at Barron's have judged the Rs and the Ds, and declared Mitt Romney "best Republican candidate [and the best overall] for stocks, bonds and the economy" (they like Richardson best of the Democrats).

The article, which is drawn from a questionnaire focusing on taxes, health care, energy, and other issues, is worth a read for those looking to get an idea where the candidates stand on economic issues (though you need to be a subscriber to get the full version). And it's worth noting that, if you believe that what's good for wealthy investors is good for America, Mitt's your man: he wants to abolish the estate tax, thus relieving super-rich heirs of the worry that they might have to give up the beach house in St. Tropez; he favors maintaining the Bush administration's low tax rate on capital gains and dividends, and he offers a vague promise to reduce marginal income tax rates across the board.

Of the rest of the candidates, Rudy Giuliani -- who has been seeking to burnish his supply-side credentials -- scores second, while John Edwards meets with disdain for daring to suggest that nurses working overtime should not be taxed at a higher rate than millionaire hedge fund managers.

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