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Monday, June 25, 2007
  Return to the Planet of the Manicheans

Glenn Greenwald responds to Chris Floyd (briefly) here.

Chris responds to me here. I don't think I disagree with what he says in any substantial sense. I wonder if he comes a bit too close to suggesting that anti-communism per se was a Manichean mindset, but I think I'm probably misreading him there -- he's certainly right to point out that today's neocons are the inheritors not just of the paranoid postwar right, but of the Scoop Jackson school of vigorously anti-communist Democrats. Indeed, Richard Perle, Doug Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, and Elliott Abrams all worked for Jackson before joining the GOP during the Reagan administration. I still think that you can trace a distinct history of Manicheanism in American postwar foreign policy (as opposed to applying the term over-broadly), but Chris is right to observe that part of that history runs through the Democratic party.

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Paul, I think you are right in saying that we don't have any substantial disagreements. I certainly don't feel that we do; we've just been discussing some slightly differing nuances of the same basic stance, I think. Thanks very much for your gracious reply to my original post, which helped me clarify my own thinking (such as it is) on these important matters.
Chris, thanks for stopping by, and for your own very insightful comments...
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