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Friday, June 08, 2007
  Friday and Its Discontents

So I may too busy this afternoon to finish the post I was working on. If your lips are dry, might I suggest some alternatives:

Sadly, No! on the rather astonishing AEI "debate" about whether Darwinism is "good for" conservatism. As the Rev. Bradrocket puts it:
No, chillens, you simply cannot make this shit up. The big brains at AEI are actually debating whether the linchpin of modern biology is compatible with their bizarro political views. Coming next week: “Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation: Does it Lend Credence to the Flat Tax?”
Hilzoy on extremely disturbing indications that our national media have absolutely no intention of doing their jobs during the coming election (don't read this if you can't handle getting very, very angry -- looking at you, Banner).

Right Wing Watch on the long conservative tradition of trying to disenfranchise Americans.

The Third Estate on awwwwwwwwww.....

And go look at the gorgeous pictures of Lisbon over at Esthetic/Aesthetic.


Okay I have something more serious now. Sorry about the cuteness outbreak, but it's a kitten for pete's sake!

Ever wonder who "pete" is?
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