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Thursday, May 03, 2007
  Thursday Night at the Fights

The New York Times's blog "The Caucus" has a good viewers guide to tonight's Republican presidential debate, suggesting a number of things to watch for as the Grand Old Party's hopefuls go head-to-head for the first time. What will the contenders say about the current administration's Iraq policy? Will they try to distance themselves from Bush?

And "to what extent are the candidates going to be playing to a national audience rather than a California audience?" Good question. The Caucus argues that, given the new importance of the California primary, candidates might be tempted to focus on issues of particular importance to voters in the Golden State. Examples cited are "the environment and global warming, energy conservation [and] stem cell research," though I wonder if those things actually matter so much to GOP primary voters -- or if they might just irritate California Republicans who are bitter over their celebrity governor's move to the center. One issue that will be important to the local conservatives is immigration, which could tempt contenders into making statements that could "come back to haunt Republicans in a general election in this state, not to mention any other state with significant populations of immigrants."

Oh, and Reagan blah blah blah. I mean, really.

Meanwhile, Larry Kudlow wants to know if the candidates will have the guts to celebrate the Absolutely Wonderfully Perfect Utopia produced by Reagan and Dubya's supply-side policies.

If you want the conservative establishment's take on the action pumped directly into your veins, keep an eye on NRO's The Corner and Hillaryspot, each of which will be liveblogging the event.

Or you can check in with A&S, where I may do a bit of liveblogging myself, at least until my body revolts against the spectacle and drags me down to the local pub to forget it all ever happened.

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