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Thursday, May 03, 2007
  Liveblogging the GOP, 4

Oooohhh... interactive question for Giuliani: "did you learn anything about relating to African-Americans during your time as mayor?" Rudy seems thrown off by the question, firing a half-cocked version of his tough-love welfare thing.

Romney: "Gosh, I love America." I missed the rest of the statement because I went into hypoglycemic shock.

Huckabee says God told him to be an environmentalist. Actually, he says it pretty well. I'm telling you, this guy's good. Doesn't directly answer the question of whether global warming exists, though.

Another fascinating moment: Question: will the day Roe v. Wade is overturned be a great day? Right down the line, every contender answers with a vehement "yes." Except Rudy, who absolutely bungles his answer, fillibustering and stuttering about "strict constructionist judges" and federalism. You can't hide when you're under the lights, Rudy. Romney gets hit with the follow-up question: aren't you a flip-flopper on abortion? He answers with his standard "I was pro-choice until the blastocysts converted me. Also, Ronald Reagan."

Tweety to Rudy: "why do you support public funding for abortion?" Not "do you," "Why do you?" It's not getting any easier for Giuliani.
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