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Wednesday, May 02, 2007
  In Which It Gets Awkward for Rudy

NRO's Jim Geraghty reports on Rudy Giuliani's appearance at the Latino Coalition, a conservative policy organization whose chairman, former Bush administration official Hector Barreto, apparently set the stage with a rousing introduction. The enthusiasm might have had something to do with the fact that America's Mayor (TM) was the only presidential candidate, "Republican, Democrat, Green, red or blue" to accept TLC's invitation. Yet Garaghty reports that Rudy somehow managed to fall flat anyway.

According to Geraghty's account, Giuliani's tough love anti-welfare schtick went over well enough with the business-oriented crowd. Stressing the importance of individual "dignity," he moved from welfare to immigration -- this seems like a pretty good rhetorical theme -- and recounted how, as mayor, he supposedly complained to federal immigration authorities who were more interested in deporting restaurant workers than drug dealers.

And, perhaps inevitably, the R-word makes an appearance:
Rudy was the Rudy we’ve all seen before, invoking Reagan at every opportunity and not only using "optimistic" frequently, but actually demonstrating optimism, as when he said the illegal immigration debate was an illustration of an unrecognized greatness of America.
It's morning in America. Yet again.

All well and good, but when he came to the theme that's supposed to be at the heart of his campaign, Rudy apparently failed to convince:
Yet the meat of Giuliani’s stump speech, the section on 9/11 and the war on terrorism, was greeted with, if not quite silence, a distinct quiet after what one might think were intended to be applause lines. Iraq was not mentioned at all, and there was a palpable lack of enthusiasm after Giuliani’s statement "We have to be on offense against them — we have to say we’re never going to go back to the way we were before September 11. We’re never going to be in denial, never going to be in a situation again. The only real good defense is a good offense." Perhaps the audience looked back on the façade of peace on September 10 with a bit of nostalgia.
Or perhaps they were worn out by years of brutal Republican incompetence on national security issues. An ominious sign for the guy who wants to be President of 9/11?

In other Rudy-related news, it seems the mayor dissed influential right-wing radio host Laura Ingraham this morning, ignoring requests to appear on her show. Not smart, says K-Lo.

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