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Friday, May 11, 2007
  Friday Beer Blogging

No, I don't expect this to be a regular feature. I only want you to read the defense of Budweiser by Daniel over at Crooked Timber. I'll admit to flirting with beer snobbery, but I'm not above drinking Bud, either, especially if I'm watching people do sports things on the teevee (or at the stadium, since it's too much trouble to seek out the good brews at Shea). Anyway, here's a sample:
Budweiser is not “full of chemicals”. It does not comply with the German “Purity Law”, but this is because it has a non-barley grain in it (rice). The Rheinheitsgebot is a stupid law in any case, and was originally passed not to safeguard the sacred purity of German fluids (a concept that ought to be regarded as suspicious in its own right, as history has shown that when the Germans get keen on “purity” it is not always a wholly positive development) but to preserve wheat for making bread.
And then there's this:
Budweiser does not taste like piss. Normal urine has a pH of 4.6 to 8.0. Budweiser, like most lagers, has a pH of around 4.0. Therefore, Budweiser is definitely more acidic than piss.
If nothing else, you can look at it as a pretty good exercise in rhetorical contrarianism.

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