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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
  Rudy's Judy Problem

John Podhoretz thinks Giuliani may have done himself in when he agreed to that Barbara Walters interview with him and his wife. Podhoretz sees it as a mistake on par with Joe Biden's plagiarism, Bob Dole's 1988 post-New Hampshire tantrum, and Gary Hart's "tail me" challenge to the news media:
The question before us today is whether Rudy Giuliani committed a blunder of comparable proportions by consenting to a Barbara Walters request for a joint interview with him and his wife Judi - during the course of which he said, embarrassingly, that he would welcome her presence at Cabinet meetings and listen to her closely on issues relating to health care.
It's pretty well established by now that conservatives like their first ladies to stick to the cookies and the charity dinners. Giuliani, who has been walking a tightrope as he tries to reassure conservatives about his "liberal" record, is now on the record suggesting that Judy Nathan could be the next Hillary. There are strikes against Nathan already, which we may find unfair but which will matter to conservatives. Not least of these is the fact that she was Giuliani's mistress before she was his wife. Oh, and she killed dogs, too. (She's lost Barney's vote, that's for sure.)

Giuliani was trying to neutralize the Judith Nathan issue early on, but if Pohoretz is right, he may have only aggravated it.

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