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Monday, March 26, 2007
  Skeletons in Media May Be Larger than They Appear

I tend to bounce back and forth between the "don't underestimate Giuliani" camp and the "Giuliani can't possibly win" camp. Each has a pretty convincing point. The thing is, there's more dirt on the man than on just about any presidential candidate I can remember. Any rival campaign that fails to take advantage of it is verging on criminally incompetent.

At the same time, there's a clear reluctance in the media to look at the dirt. I don't know whether Rudy's got teflon or if it's just journalistic laziness. Even the stories discussing the skeletons packed into his closet seem almost designed to innoculate him.

Take, for instance, this AP article from the weekend. It reviews four of the many issues Rudy should be confronted with, but fails to really examine any of them. For instance, the piece brings up Bernie Kerik's apartment renovations but not his nanny, his Taser International stock, allegations of misuse of police personnel and property, or - especially - Kerik's alleged ties to organized crime.

Likewise, the article mentions Giuliani's "painfully public separation" with Donna Hanover, but not the fact that he cheated on her, mocked her by making public appearances with Judith Nathan, told the media about the divorce before he told Hanover, and fought her in court over who would have the right to live in Gracie mansion. Every divorce is "painful". This one was vicious.

While it may not be the reporter's intent, the overall tone of the article gives the impression that Rudy's various scandals aren't really that big a deal after all. His supporters get plenty of column inches. The piece even features Al Sharpton's criticisms of the mayor. Sharpton is Giuliani's most useful enemy - and articles like this one may be similarly helpful to him.

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