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Saturday, February 17, 2007
  Two Ways to Loathe Giuliani

Speaking of Mark Levin, and Rudy Giuliani, I might as well round out these GOP primary posts with one on America's Mayor himself, courtesy of analysis by the very same Mr. Levin.

Levin, as you might know, is chairman of the Landmark Legal Foundation, and a prominent right-wing radio talk show host based in New York. Writing on his blog at NRO, he seeks to puncture the Giuliani balloon:
[W]hen Rudy's early supporters brush aside social or character issues and tell us to only focus on his post 9/11 response or his law enforcement record, they demonstrate a naiveté about the political process and the conservative coalition that may well put Hillary Clinton or another equally troubling Democrat in the White House. Maybe Giuliani will be or should be the Republican nominee, but he will be a sure loser in the general election if his supporters insist that social and economic conservatives ignore his record and past statements.
Sticking points in that record and among those statements include:
I'm conflicted about which story blogs should tell about Giuliani in the primary. In part this is because he is the one Republican candidate who, when I imagine him in the White House, terrifies me. He is a terrible, terrible person - politically speaking - and I think a President Giuliani would be disastrous for America. So can I help stop him in the primary by spreading the message of conservative discontent? Or do I stick to pointing out that he's an authoritarian racist with quasi-fascist tendencies - something which no doubt would be attractive to certain conservatives?

Take the City and Run noted that conflict in my posts about Rudy over at the Daily Gotham. TCR's advice: just stay out of the way, let the Republicans figure it out for themselves, and be ready to hit him if he emerges with the nomination. And that's good advice. But I can't write about conservatives at this blog without observing the two dynamics of Rudy Giuliani. So I've let my slip show in a bit of editorializing here, but for the most part I'll try to stick to reporting what conservatives say about the man, and, from time to time, supplementing that record with the facts.

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