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Monday, February 12, 2007
  Days of Our Republican Lives

Two stories via TPM Cafe's Election Central:

The Politico's Jonathan Martin reports that Jerry Falwell has invited John McCain to attend - but not speak at - a reception during the National Religious Broadcasters Convention [Here's a very interesting Harper's article about a previous NRB Convention] next week in Orlando. Mitt Romney will also be there, but of course it's the McCain invite that's more notable. Falwell himself, however, is taking pains not to imply an endorsement:
Falwell's office at Liberty University, however, sought to downplay the event, saying that the pastor may not even show. "This is not Dr. Falwell's showing support for [McCain's presidential bid] at all," said Jessica Tucker, a spokeswoman for the pastor. "This is really just a name on the invitation. He was asked to be listed and he said yes."

Asked why Falwell wouldn't attend a reception on which he is listed as one of six co-hosts, Tucker pointed to the impending winter weather.
When further pressed, Tucker added that Falwell was also planning to wash his hair that night.

Meanwhile, Hotline reports that Mike Huckabee has picked up a couple of key endorsements in an early primary state: former South Carolina First Lady Iris Campbell and her son Mike, of the clan known as the "First Family of South Carolina Presidential Politics," have signed on; Iris will serve as Honorary State Chair of Huckabee's exploratory committee, while Mike will serve the campaign as a "Senior National Advisor."

The Hotline piece points out that "Since [1980], no Republican has won the nomination or the presidency without first winning in South Carolina and having Campbell family’s support."

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