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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
  Notes from the Summit: "The View" on Webb and Hillary

Part one of the full report will be up in a few minutes (just adding the html). Meanhile, here's an additional snippet from the Friday night panel with Kathryn Lopez, Kate O'Beirne, Mona Charen, Michelle Malkin, and Laura Ingraham.

Jim Webb's response to the State of the Union really seems to have gotten under the conservatives' skin. I'll hear denunciations of Webb all weekend, but tonight's panel is impressed. Ingraham thinks Democrats must be “pumped up” about Webb, and she praises him for praising America. She frets that the GOP is losing touch with “the little guy.” We can’t let the Republicans become as elite as we like to say the liberals are, she argues. She even relates a story about a friend's right-wing father who called to ask, "did you hear this Webb guy? I haven't heard a Democrat talk like that in years."

The panelists debate whether Webb represents a genuinely important new development for the Dems. Is our Democrats learning? Charen, who gives me the cold creeps, tries to argue that Republicans shouldn’t worry too much about him. He’s not running for President, and anyway the rest of the Dems are still a bunch of loonies. Ingraham is worried nonetheless. “Heaven forbid if the Democrats became a pro-life party,” she says. “They would be dominant.”

They also discuss the Democratic field: Obama’s a fad, Edwards makes them laugh, but they really fear Hillary. K-Lo asks if HRC will be the next President of the United States. "No," moans the crowd. But it looks stark to the panelists: "Does anyone really think she'll lose any of the states Kerry won?" asks Ingraham.

And the Republicans: Apropos of Mitt Romney, K-Lo asks rhetorically if anyone in the room could vote for someone who voted for Paul Tsongas. Inside my brain, I raise my hand. And Ingraham asks the crowd: “Is everyone in this room looking for the next Reagan?” Big cheers. Make straight the way…

And, of course, they have to get in their digs at Speaker Pelosi. They can't believe she could be a role model. Says Lopez, "I don't think little girls are going to bed tonight dreaming of being Speaker of the House."

Replies Charen: "I hope they're dreaming about Margaret Thatcher."

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All Katrina proved was that conservative government doesn’t work, because conservatives don’t believe that government can work. Would you trust a doctor who didn’t believe in medicine?

That is a really great line of thought that I plan to rehash and reuse. Is this from someone else, or can I credit you with coming up with the "Doctor who didn't believe in medicine" comparison?
I came up with in this post, but I'm sure I'm not the only one. Feel free to repeat it ad nauseum without bothering with attribution. I just like the meme...
Romney is not a true Republican because he voted for Paul Tsongas.

Reasons to agree

1. A good republican would never vote for a Democrat.
2. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for the Devil himself. D is for Devil. Even if it is the just the primary and you vote for George H. Bush (like Romney) in the General election.

Reasons to disagree

1. Romney was a good republican because he was very practical. In 1992 there was no Republican primary. He had two options. He could sit on the side lines and not vote (like me this last election cycle) or he could vote for the best candidate who would not likely beat Bush in the General election. Romney chose the latter. This does not make him a bad republican.
2. Paul Tsongas was a fiscal conservative.
3. Paul Tsongas was a good guy.
4. I wish every Republican would have registered as independents in 1992 and voted for Paul Tsongus. Bush would have lost anyways, but we would have had Tsongus instead of Clinton. And now Hillary Clinton. Maybe George H. Bush would have one against Paul Tsongus. Two descent guys, that had nothing to do with Hollywood instead of Bill going against H. Bush in 1992.
5. Maybe Republicans should all claim independent, so that we can vote for Hillary in the Primaries and our guys in the General election.
6. There was no GOP primary contest in 92. In 1992 Mitt Romney voted against Bill Clinton twice.
7. I am a Romney fan, but not even I think Romney was smart enough to see that Bill Clinton was a bigger liability than George H. Bush was an asset for our Country. I am not going to attribute Mitt Romney of difficult political calculus. This was very basic addition. Vote once for the guy you like best, or vote twice? Hmm, let me see…
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