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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
  I Was Right: Romney Sucked

Excerpt from an email to Kathryn Lopez of NRO, from one of her readers:
I'm a Mormon, so I should be Romney's natural constituency, but that speech just didn't sit well with me. It never came together. It was recipe conservatism, not conviction conservatism. The part about his conversion to pro-life causes was particularly unconvincing. The part about his conversion to pro-life causes was particularly unconvincing. The catalyst, he said, was when the Harvard profs tried to justify embryonic stem-cell research on the grounds that they'd destroy the embryos they created. The result of this catalyst was that he decided that destroying frozen embryos would be acceptable but not creating new embryos for destruction. Then he mouthed a few platitudes and said he was now a whole-hearted life-beginss-at-conception pro-lifer. That was it. I defy anyone to show any evidence that Romney had a coherent way of connecting those dots.

[...Goes on to compare the pro-choice to the provocations of the Southern Slave Power...]

This is the case that Romney needs to make—that he never thought seriously about abortion and was content to keep abortion laws the way they were, but he found that the abortion crowd wouldn't stop. They kept pushing for more funding, for lower ages of consent, for the right to *create* embryos just to do scientific experiments on them before destroying them—and eventually he decided that he'd had enough.
Oh, and then there's this part, which made me giggle:
P.S. Can Romney please stop talking down Massachussetts at every opportunity? I know all us yokels out here in the sticks don't like the place, but we do understand local patriotism and sticking up for your own people. All his Massachussetts talk feels like condescension to me.
Mark Steyn responds:
Governor Romney needs to do quite a bit of work on his pitch in this field, but you shouldn’t be holding it against the guy that he’s changed his mind. If he means it, then that’s great news for us: we’re meant to be persuading people, aren’t we? And, if he’s just being opportunist, then even that is modestly encouraging.
So, actually, at least Steyn dug the pandering.

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