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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'll be out of town this weekend, so no more posts 'til Monday, but I should have some interesting stories when I get back.

So A&S passed the 1,000 reader mark last week, which for a two-month old blog by an otherwise obscure guy isn't too bad, I suppose. A rough impression of Sitemeter data suggests that our readers break down into four main categories, listed in descending order of numbers:

  1. BuzzFeed hordes drawn over by a single half-assed post I wrote about marriage one day;

  2. A small - but deeply appreciated - number of regular readers;

  3. Writers Technorati-searching themselves; and

  4. Mom (Hi mom!)

I'm excited about where we're going... Over the next few months, we'll continue the TWICO feature, the Reading Conservative History series (pre-empted this week because of time constraints), the Right-Wing Think Tank Review (which will resume in two weeks), and all kinds of other irregular stuff. Plus we may finally see the debut of the long-promised Justin (who's had a really good excuse for not posting yet), who will bring his own take, especially on aspects of politics and conservatism relating to corporate law and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment, and have a great weekend.



Yes, Justin here!

We will have some posting in the near future as I've been called out.

A preview:

Material Adverse Effect and the Bush election.

Unitary Executive and the Business Judgment Rule - this may be a three to four part piece.

And thankfully SCOTUS is starting to give us some material to write about and y'all (parents are actually Texan) will be the first on thoughts per this new court.

Paul has been doing a great job here and it will only get better.

Paul, have a great time with the conservatives. I do hope you don't get hurt as force is sometimes the only means of communication available.
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