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Thursday, January 18, 2007
  The Big Blograiser

A&S is joining, in our own humble little 20-readers-per-day way, the rollout for the combined fundraiser/blograiser for New York State Senate candidate Craig Johnson. Craig is running in a special election to replace Republican Michael Balboni, who was named to a post in Governor Spitzer's administration.

Control of the State Senate - Republican-held for nearly a century - is in the balance. If the Democrats win this seat, they will be within two of taking the Senate, which should be close enough to trigger the Senate Republicans' final collapse. In turn, a Democratic Senate would significantly help advance Spitzer's ambitious reform agenda.

The most exciting feature of this fundraiser is that it is being organized, like many other aspects of this race, through a close partnership between the New York State Democratic Party and the progressive grassroots/netroots. The new co-chair of the NY State Dems, Dave Pollak, is someone I know personally, and I can attest that he is passionately committed not just to electing Democrats, but to electing good, honest, progressive Democrats. He was initially hired by the party to head up their outreach to the grassroots, as he's a longstanding grassroots guy himself. The fact that he is now party chair is a clear signal that the New York Democratic Party is ready for an unprecedented relationship with the progressive grassroots. They've been very clear about this - they want a partnership with us. This fundraiser is not the first step we've taken in building that partnership, but it is the biggest one so far.

If you'll be in NYC on Feb 1, come to the live fundraiser at Prey! 4 W. 22nd Street at 6:00 pm. Governor Spitzer, barring unforseen circumstances, is expected to be there. Or follow along on the blogs - I'll post once or twice from the event, but the main liveblogging will be at Daily Kos, The Daily Gotham, and the Albany Project.

Either way, CONTRIBUTE!

We've been trying to crash the gate. Now the gate has been thrown open for us - but we need to accept the invitation.

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