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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
  Profiles in Courage: Pataki Bravely Says Sex Offenders Bad, NY State Leg. Bravely Raises Own Pay

Via the Albany Project, a lesson in two dangerous political species: outgoing legislatures and mediocre governors seeking higher office.

With the destruction of the New York State GOP as a significant political force (for the time being, anyway), Republicans in the Empire State are left without an agenda that might broadly appeal to voters. But one thing they can still do is punish sex offenders some more. And as Governor Pataki gears up for a run at the GOP Presidential nomination (ow, the funny - it hurts!), his outgoing wish list includes, in the finest tradition of the idiotic Rockefeller Drug Laws, a "civil commitment" bill that would keep sex offenders locked up even after they've completed their sentences. Nevermind that it's unjust, over-broad, with a track record of failure in other states, and is opposed even by victims' advocates - it sure would sound cool in Iowa!

But how do you get such a craptacular piece of legislation through the Legislature? You trade it (oh, and that little Atlantic Yards boondoggle) for a pay raise. Never mind that the New York State Legislature is already the third-highest paid, but the most dysfunctional one in the nation. It's Christmas time, and Christmas means giving, and the gifts you give yourself are always the best of all.


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