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Thursday, December 14, 2006
  Caution: Dolchstosslegende Ahead

Why is Bush waiting until January to announce his Iraq policy?

Perhaps because he wants to force a Democratic Congress to deal with his request for a "surge."

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We need to have every death that happens between the release of the Iraq Study Group proposals noted. For a president who rushed into war, who couldn't wait for the weapons inspectors to finish their findings or lack thereof, it is utterly unacceptable for him to wait for intelligence, of which he has none, to begin to a change in course or as they'd like to say a new way forward. Politics should end at our shores and this is the most cynical and disgusting politicizing of lives of our troops and Iraqi civilians, actually is there anything other than civilians there with the disbanding of the military. But should this surprise us from a president who had to sit around reading about pet goats, I know we would all like one, after two planes had flown into the towers, a president who would sat in Texas, moved on to play a guitar in California while his citizens died. Actually, now that I think of it this administration is only able to rush into thing when it involves killing other and if waiting will allow more death so be it. How's that for the culture of life.
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